Campus environment

Academy Environment 

Environment plays a major role in learning and the Waad Method pays close attention to its design and construction. 
Our Academies are all purpose-built to foster a range of skills from collaboration, self-expression, interactive and experiential learning, and of course fun for learners of every age. Our learners are fostered in a safe environment built for creativity that encompasses unique features that support the learning experience.

Campus Environment Overview 

Cutting-edge technology is integrated throughout our academies. We adopt the latest in education technology in order to provide our learners with the most beneficial educational experience to enhance learning whilst promoting enjoyment and safety.
State-of-the-art buildings and facilities that are environmentally-friendly and where possible are built using sustainable materials. In addition, all of our academies have facilities that promote healthy living, as well as a safe and secure educational environment.
The learning environment plays a major role in a holistic education. The Waad Academy campus has been specially-designed and purpose-built to inspire holistic learning and encourage fun.
Outdoor areas actively encourage learners to express themselves creatively and be inspired by each other’s’ work, and classrooms are fitted out with the latest equipment and technology.

The Auditorium

A classic proscenium stage that invites up to 1,000 attendees to view the masterpiece theatre conducted by our learners.

Hi-tech facilities

Learners will use new and innovative technology and ideas such as black box theatre and a green screen room. All with the sole purpose of inspiring creativity and innovation.

Thematic outdoor areas

Designed to encourage fun and experiential learning as well as building core values and authentic identity. Starting with several playground areas including a jungle theme as well as a dinosaur theme.

Creative Walls

Spread throughout the campus, a number of creative walls allow students to express their influences and collaborate with each other.


The environmentally-friendly building enables the Academy to save 25% electricity and a climate control system maximizes oxygen levels to 30% higher than any other school, enhancing health and learner focus.


Our students will be able to learn in technologically integrated classrooms that foster opportunities for enhanced teaching and learning. Even the classroom furniture has been especially selected in order to improve the learning experience as a whole. 

Learning Labs

with more than 40 labs spread throughout the campus main building, experiential learning can be accomplished inside our home improvement rooms, our science labs, robotic labs, arts and crafts and Mac labs

Interactive Knowledge Center (IKC)

your children can expand their horizons in our fully equipped interactive knowledge center that has a junior and senior library with online and offline resources, study rooms, reading stations, storytelling corners and group work rooms.

Parking areas

more than 1,500 parking spaces will be available around the campus, both outdoor and basement parking serving our faculty, parents and Senior students

Sport facilities

Sport and physical exercise is a key component of a holistic education and the Waad Academy offers learners fifteen different sports - including football, tennis, MMA and climbing – and has by far one of the widest range of any academic institution offerings in the region. Learners will have the opportunity to try all as part of the P.E. curriculum and will learn from specialist certified coaching staff.

All sporting activities take place in International-standard facilities and are overseen by best in class coaching staff. Additional after-hours training is also available for all those keen to excel in the sports they love.

  • Swimming The Academy boasts a full-size, Olympic-approved swimming pool
  • Basketball your sons and daughter learners will play on indoor and outdoor basketball courts
  • Football (Soccer) all learners will have the chance to play on a FIFA qualified field
  • Tennis Professional grade tennis courts are available in both campuses
  • Climbing an indoor rock climbing wall within the sports complex
  • Sports complex a fully equipped indoor sporting complex that includes a badminton court, handball, volley ball, billiards rooms, table tennis and five-a-side football field
  • Martial arts a variety of unique martial arts including MMA and Karate
  • Track & Field our students can develop their athletic abilities utilizing the outdoor sprint running tracks, long jump tracks and a long distance track