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Technology Overview

In the modern world, technology impacts every aspect of our lives. The Waad Method fully embraces technology as a means to enhance the learning experience whilst also ensuring learner safety and productivity. The Academy will be one of the most technologically-advanced institutions in the region.
The Academy is one of the most technologically-advanced institutions in the world. All learners are equipped with iPads and wristbands that help to monitor their activity and movements. Classrooms, labs and auditoriums employ the latest learning tools, from smart projectors to robotics equipment. Everything is brought together with a fully-integrated infrastructure that is monitored and controlled from a central hub. 


Mobile Device Management

Every student iPad is updated and monitored by a central hub.

Smart CCTV

A network of cameras allows the Academy to monitor the entire campus to provide a safe environment for learners.


Access Points

Access point technology protects all building entryways and classrooms