Waad Pro

Waad Academy is proud to announce the launch of ‘Waad Pro’ that will be offered as part of the extended school day with only 20 Seats available per grade in each of the Girls and Boys schools. Waad Pro will run along side our current offer ‘Waad Academy’. The current offer will continue as normal and will not change next year in terms of the contents and subjects offered with continuous improvements and development. Waad Pro is a unique programme that has been developed to prepare our Learners for life after Waad. Waad Pro is not compulsory but highly recommended because it has been developed with a focus on helping our Learners to be ready for life in the 21st Century.

Waad Pro is a programme that has been developed to:

Further develop Learner’s depth of knowledge, and develop higher order skills, analytical thinking, criticism, and creativity.
Allow for practical application of knowledge through experiments, investigations and projects.
Offer Leraners the opportunity to study more IGCSEs.
Intro subjects such as English Literature, Drama, and World History and a brand new language, French.

This will be achieved through giving our learners an additional 44% of instructional teaching time in a school day.

Both research and practice indicate that adding time to the school day and/or year can have a meaning – fully positive impact on learners’ proficiency and, indeed, upon a child’s entire educational experience.